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2012 Shelby GT350

Listing No.: 50214

Model: 2012 Shelby GT350

Price: SOLD. We have others; call us for details.

Here's an opportunity to own a piece of history. This is one of a handful of red 2012 Shelby GT350's built, and the only one in showroom condition.

If you're a student of Shelby Mustangs and Mustangs, you likely know the Mustang GT building process. A Mustang GT350 is built at Shelby American as a "post-title" construction. That simply means the customer must purchase the Ford Mustang car before it can be modified to Shelby specifications. To order a new GT350, the current owner purchased a specially constructed Mustang GT directly from their local Ford dealer. Once the purchase was complete, it was shipped directly by Ford to the Shelby factory in Las Vegas. At the Shelby factory it was modified to Shelby GT350 specifications. With the exception of the fact that it has been titled, and not sold with the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO), it's a new car. It comes complete with the window sticker and 000,086 miles on the odometer!

For Mustang enthusiasts, this Shelby Mustang GT 350 is a great find! The vehicle boasts 634 HP and it is a 6 speed with every available option, virtually new. It is also the last of the GT350's that Carroll Shelby had a hand in designing, and under his aegis. If you're thinking about a car to buy and hold, we think this one has some of the best potential for appreciation.

The car is located in Virginia and ready to move!

Call Nevada Classics:  702-785-0090 or fill out our contact form for more information.